DOMA Technologies Launches Version 8.0 of Their DX Software in Order to Bring a New User Experience to Customers

DOMA Technologies Launches Version 8.0 of Their DX Software

DOMA Technologies, a cloud-based document management company, has launched the latest version of their Content Services Platform, DOMA Experience (DX) Software. DX 8.0 expands upon the traditional document repository with expanded hyper-automation functionality.

DX has the power to extract, index, and organize data in ways that can completely change how you engage with your content. It can generate forms, automate tasks, and deploy data strategically all within a secure cloud platform. Ultimately, DX is designed to help you work more intelligently and the updated 8.0 feature set really delivers on that goal.

One of the biggest changes to DX with version 8.0 is the dynamic new user interface. “We are excited about the new user interface; it was redesigned from scratch to be more responsive in order to achieve better performance,” said DOMA’s Senior Software Scientist, Darren Johnson.

This complete visual overhaul means the software is more intuitive and engaging. The new interface is streamlined and easier to navigate with new expanding menus. Beyond the new interface, DX has added workflow integrations, integrated outlook email plug-in, 508 standard compliance, and faster performance making the DOMA Experience is more powerful than ever.

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In the Fall of 2019, DOMA began selecting customers for migration to the improved interface as well as holding three DX User Groups as an effort to fine-tune DX 8.0 before release. This allowed current customers to test the software changes, offer suggestions, and ask questions. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, including constructive feedback that helped the development team to catch and correct any early issues.

These DX User Group meetings are a part of DOMA’s new approach to customer engagement. Moving forward the goal is to include customers in the development process, use their feedback to drive future updates, and provide guidance when transitioning to new versions.

After careful testing, DOMA DX 8.0 is finally rolling out to all customers. Over the next few months, all current customers will be guided through the process of switching from DX 7.7 to DX 8.0.

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