Digimarc Introduces Industry-First C2PA Content Credentials Browser Extension


Digimarc Corporation, the leader in product digitization and pioneer in digital watermarking, today announced it has launched the industry’s first open-source Google Chrome web browser extension to validate digital asset manifests based on the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) standard. The new Chrome extension allows content consumers to check images for C2PA manifests – adding a Content Credential pin (“CR”) to the image if a manifest is present.

“Digimarc’s new Chrome extension with support for Content Credentials turns the browser into an agent capable of certifying the source and provenance of digital images, empowering content consumers to make better decisions about what should or shouldn’t be trusted online,” said Dominique (Dom) Guinard, Digimarc’s VP of Innovation. “Ultimately, what is needed is an ecosystem of authenticity for all digital media. One that offers the provenance of content and the context in which it was intended to be used—the viewer can then determine the trustworthiness of the digital media.”

Today’s news follows C2PA’s recent announcement about Content Credentials, an official “icon of transparency” that provides content creators, marketers, and consumers with a signal of trustworthy digital content. Content Credentials are metadata about a digital asset’s provenance designed to restore trust and transparency at a time when artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content has made it easier to spread misinformation online.

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The new Content Credentials Chrome extension builds on the open-source C2PA-JS library created by the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to perform various validation steps on a digital image manifest, including checking each manifest’s digital certificates and signatures and whether the manifest file is syntactically correct. Above and beyond this first beta release of the extension, Digimarc is actively working to add more features to the extension such as the ability to use digital watermarks to recover missing manifests or detect manifests swapped by malicious actors.

“Digimarc agrees that the best way to create an ecosystem of trust is when all authentic content is identified as such, synthetic and non-synthetic. Empowering content consumers to validate images is a critical step,” said Digimarc President and CEO Riley McCormack. “Building on our almost 30 years of experience in protecting digital assets, we are committed to contributing to the success of the C2PA standard.”

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