Xevio Enhances Lead Generation Efficiency and Reduces CPL Through the Implementation of MediaGo’s Intelligent Smartbid Technology


MediaGo, a deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform under the Baidu Global Business Unit, today announced that Xevio, a collective of highly experienced native advertisers in Europe, realized a 20% decrease in cost per lead (CPL) and an average 30% improvement in lead quality across all target markets with MediaGo’s Smartbid technology.

The campaigns targeted in industries such as solar, real estate and heat pumps. Utilizing Fixbid, Xevio tested creative materials with minimal budget and identified users that were more likely to convert. After that, Xevio leveraged MediaGo’s newly enhanced Smartbid technology to optimize campaigns and ensure they had the minimum bid necessary to secure a display, ultimately boosting conversion rates (CVR) and significantly reducing cost per lead (CPL).

MediaGo’s Smartbid technology can automate ad bidding management, using data and deep learning algorithms to predict the likelihood of conversions and adjust the baseline pay accordingly. Based on historical delivery data and real-time feedback, the Smartbid capabilities can also self-learn and continuously improve to optimize the return on investment (ROI).

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“Baidu Global MediaGo allows us to leverage and benefit from its tested native advertising funnels to increase scale and lead quality,” said Nadim Kuttab, CEO and Co-Founder of Xevio. “With reactive support and top-notch publishers, Baidu Global MediaGo has successfully positioned itself as a must-serve traffic source in the global native ad scene.”

“Our Smartbid technology leverages a deep neural networks (DNN) with over 1 billion parameters to create tangible value for advertisers, and we are proud to be showcasing this first-hand through our partnership with Xevio,” said Rena Ren, Americas Regional Director of Baidu Global Business Unit. “By removing some of the tedious work, such as manually optimizing ads, our platform enables Xevio to focus on other important marketing elements, like strategy and creativity.”

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