Contentstack Expands Its Award-winning Customer Support to Launch the Industry’s First Cross-Vendor Service Commitment Program

Contentstack Expands Its Award-winning Customer Support to Launch the Industry's First Cross-Vendor Service Commitment Program-01

Contentstack, the leading Content Experience Platform (CXP), today announced it is expanding its Care Without Compromise™ program to Catalysts in order to provide joint customers the highest level of post-purchase support. Contentstack Catalysts are partners with complementary technology and like-minded about delivering a high-value solution for customers, including outstanding customer service. With this program,  Contentstack and participating Catalysts are partnering not just for sales, marketing, and integration, but also for customer service and support.

Offering many advantages to traditional, monolithic product suites, microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless (MACH) architecture is quickly becoming the standard for digital-oriented enterprises. MACH technology provides a composable architecture with flexibility, agility, scalability and efficiency to create an environment that best meets customers’ needs. One of the challenges of managing a multi-vendor software stack is that businesses must deal with several disparate vendors to address an issue with no clear path to resolution.

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In response, Contentstack’s Care Without Compromise program ensures that joint customers are supported with a robust post-purchase experience that brings ease and agility to the implementation and on-going success of the entire technology stack. The program is “worry transfer” for the customer. When there’s an issue raised, participants in the program will take ownership of collaborating towards resolving the issue, placing the onus of finding the path to resolution on the collaborating vendors, not the customer.

As co-founders of the MACH Alliance and evangelists of MACH architecture, Contentstack is committed to making MACH the best option for digital enterprises by every measure, including customer care and support. With Contentstack’s Sonja Keerl taking the helm as MACH Alliance president, the company is doubling down on the rapidly growing technology movement that is taking on all-in-one suites.

“We believe companies deserve better and shouldn’t be held back by monolithic ‘one hand to shake’ vendors,” said Neha Sampat, founder and CEO of Contentstack. “With the MACH ecosystem in place and a commitment from these vendors to ensure joint customers receive the same — or even better — customer care from all parties involved as they do from a single vendor, this barrier to innovation no longer exists.”

Contentstack Catalysts who are committed to Care Without Compromise include BigCommerceBynderCloudinaryConstructorGatsbySmartlingUniform and Vercel.

Care Without Compromise brings together platforms, processes, partners and people to provide exceptional customer care. Contentstack’s unique history combines a professional services mindset with deep technical expertise to establish customer trust through competence, integrity and empathy – earning it the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. From architectural advice to proactive performance monitoring, the program ensures that customers continuously get the most out of their use of their platforms and their investments into content experiences.

Contentstack’s customer success organization is led by Greg Luciano who has been named the 2021 Customer Service & Support Leader of the Year by the GLOBEE® IT World Awards, Manager of the Year in the 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Awards, and Bronze Winner for Customer Service Manager of the Year in the 2021 American Stevie Awards.

“With our professional services and cloud integration background, we’ve been intimately involved with the challenges customers face when connecting new digital experiences,” said Greg Luciano, Head of Global Customer Success for Contentstack. “The market has shown that brands are turning to more agile MACH solutions for their digital ecosystem. In turn, it’s critical for us to be leaders on how to provide enterprise class and uncompromising customer care across a composable ecosystem.”

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Care Without Compromise agreements between Contentstack and the Catalysts create an open line of communication to support each other to the benefit of the joint customer. Instead of the customer contacting each vendor, they can alert one vendor to the issue and the vendors will work together to resolve the issue. The program defines how participating organizations cooperate, communicate, and cross-train support staff in order to ensure the delivery of their respective services to joint customers.

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