Catch&Release Offers Viable Revenue Stream For Digital Creators


As advertisers increasingly rely on user-generated content (UGC) and stock imagery to fulfill campaign requirements with smaller budgets and quick turnaround times, both amateur and professional content creators are seeing heightened demand for their photos and videos. Catch&Release, the leading licensing technology company for the creative production industry, launched an open network for amateur, professional, and independent content creators to offer up their content for commercial licensing opportunities.

For the past year, Catch&Release has been testing contributor requirements and building tools that enable creators to connect content from their social media accounts at the click of a button. Brands may then choose to license this content for commercial advertising. Unlike stock image libraries, Catch&Release contributors’ content will be the first presented to brands as creative options for commercial advertising campaigns, increasing their chances of getting paid just by continuing to post to social media.

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During the beta, 100 contributors from across the globe connected over 60,000 images and videos. Each time contributors post to their social media accounts, the content is populated into a secure dashboard on Catch&Release, which creates a constantly-refreshed supply of authentic content for advertisers to license. Content from the beta contributors has appeared in commercials for brands including Nike, NFL, Google, and Apple. Since Catch&Release was founded in 2014, the company has paid out over $2M to contributors in licensing fees, a number that will only increase as the network grows.

A beta participant summed up her experience: “Registration was easy, and my content was automatically uploaded to Catch&Release. Soon afterward, a major brand expressed interest in using one of my videos in a national TV campaign. Catch&Release handled all the details and the payment was deposited in my account quickly. I was thrilled to see my video on TV!”

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“I’ve been a long-time believer in the power of authentic, visual storytelling, and our business has been an advocate for both amateur and professional creatives since inception,” says Analisa Goodin, founder, and CEO of Catch&Release. “By automating the content contribution process and creating a trusted community of talented photographers, filmmakers, and social media users, both sides win those who have unique, high-quality images to share; and brands and advertisers looking for original, compelling content to supplement or fill their campaign requirements.”

Goodin adds: “Our Contributor Network is a low-friction content repository for licensing original visuals being shared across the web, in real-time, as opposed to using overly-produced stock images or live-action footage shot in a studio.”

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For contributors, here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account with your personal email
  2. Connect your social media account(s)
  3. Catch&Release evaluates your content for relevant licensing opportunities
  4. If your content is selected for clearance, you’ll receive a message from Catch&Release requesting your approval
  5. Once cleared, your content will move to the licensing phase; if the brand chooses to use your content, you would get paid within 60 days of the license commencement date