PureWeb and SuperViz are creating a more productive metaverse built on real-time connection

A more efficient metaverse founded on real-time connection is being developed by PureWeb and SuperViz.-01

PureWeb, the leading enterprise platform for streaming interactive, web-based 3D content has partnered with SuperViz, the leading telepresence platform for meeting inside virtual spaces. This partnership will now enable people to easily see and speak with others in real time with a sense of presence–all within a streamed 3D environment as if they were there together.

With the SuperViz and PureWeb integration, brands and businesses can now host immersive 3D experiences built using Unreal Engine or Unity, stream it to any device using the PureWeb platform, and invite participants into a real-time meeting or guided tour within the experience using SuperViz’s audiovisual integration – no downloads or special equipment needed.

“There’s so much buzz around all the cool, immersive experiences that are possible in the metaverse,” says Kevin Viggers, Head of R&D at PureWeb. “But the thing that will really make the metaverse a persistent part of our lives is the ability to fulfill one of our core human needs: to connect with others. This new Superviz integration allows PureWeb Reality applications to connect with anyone while enjoying a metaverse experience.”

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“SuperViz’s mission to improve global access to remote collaboration and connection where a location is the subject, aligns perfectly with PureWeb’s mission to make the metaverse accessible,” says Russ Rive, SuperViz CEO and Cofounder. “With this new integration, anyone, anywhere can not only distribute their immersive 3D experiences but use them to connect, conduct business, and collaborate inside the projects as if they were there together.”

This PureWeb x SuperViz integration can be used to deliver real-time meetings, guided tours, and remote collaboration for any 3D experience, for any industry, at a global scale.

How we work, play, and connect remotely is evolving at a rapid pace, and PureWeb is excited to partner with SuperViz to take metaverse experiences to the next level.

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