Blix Inc., a leading provider of messaging solutions to consumers and businesses, announced Linux support for its most popular product, BlueMail. The multi-platform email client is capable of managing an unlimited number of accounts from any provider. Whether you’re an everyday consumer, technical power user, or IT business leader, BlueMail’s protocol compatibility and smart configuration can integrate every email product on the market.

With this expansion to Linux, BlueMail is now able to serve a large professional market. Users can benefit from a single, modern user experience across all of their devices without compromising on premium features, security, or privacy:

  • Personalized Inbox: Focus on the most important emails in your inbox with automated filtering that separates services from real people and makes it easy to visualize long chains of correspondence. Unified folders also make it simple to organize emails across multiple accounts.
  • Powerful Email Clustering and Groups: Take productivity to the next level with inbox clusters that organize your email into easy-to-read categories and quickly group contacts together to avoid having to type out multiple recipients.
  • Share Email: Easily share emails with colleagues and communities without starting a long chain of replies or forwards. Using a secure link, users can share their emails through corporate intranets, social media platforms, or mobile messaging clients and interact without revealing their email addresses.

 “We set out to make the best email experience from day one and the response from customers has been extremely positive. Developing a platform for Linux was the next step,” said Dan Volach, co-founder at Blix. “Today, we’re proud to not only have created an email experience that’s a joy to use but one that can be used anywhere by anyone.”

Brothers Dan and Ben Volach founded Blix with the vision to provide an innovative, universally compatible, uncompromisingly private and secure messaging experience for businesses. This startup is not the first they have led together; they also built Followap, an early pioneer of mobile messaging that had over 200 million subscribers at its peak and laid the technical foundation for today’s mobile messaging giants, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, QQ, and many others before it was acquired by NeuStar.