7 Smart New Marketing Tactics

    7 Smart New Marketing Tactics

    Are brands developing a new marketing plan for the next quarter or looking to revamp the current one? Customer demand keeps evolving. Brands need to keep up.

    With fast-evolving customer needs and marketing tools, CMOs need to be constantly on their toes to churn out new and innovative marketing tactics.

    Often, brands struggle when it’s time to target and connect with a new audience and find new ways to expand their reach and resonate with new customers’ pain points and interests. As with so many marketing endeavors, it ends at the point of creating the right strategy.

    Here are a few proven ways to help marketers and brands to target and connect with potential customers.

    Ways to Identify Target Audience

    Leverage Customer Data

    Brands must use their first-party resources and customer data to identify and determine the target audience and learn more about whom to market to. An updated Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) can help to analyze, and store customer data while keeping it organized. Marketers can collate data that includes names, email addresses, contact, historical purchases, viewed items, opened emails, website activities, and content consumed. The more data marketers collect, the easier it is to identify the target market so that marketers can improve campaigns and content production across websites and other media mediums.

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    Keep a Check on Competitors

    Another effective way to identify a target audience is by keeping a check on competitors, tracking their moves, their strategies, and their client base to understand how targeting works. Learning about critical competitors’ current customers and their ways of capturing their attention can be advantageous for brands creating a customer base.

    Marketers may also get ideas about the missing gaps in their marketing strategies for targeting the audience. Before targeting, finding a niche market is essential. Without a niche, marketers may face massive challenges in defining and targeting their audiences.

    So, it makes sense for peer companies to help brands identify niches indirectly, which may serve to scale up targeting the right audience.

    Keeping a check on competitor activities ranges from social media posts, examining viewers viewing their posts, liking the information, and content quality, to the strategies behind conducting these activities. Today’s dynamic audiences evolve as the economy, technology, and the company grow.

    Create Buyer Personas

    When identifying a target audience, marketers must create dummy potential customer profiles or buyer personas. Such profiles include crucial information about potential customers, such as purchasing habits, demographics, age, pain points, interests, and income level. Once such information is compiled, marketers can create customer profiles and personas that will provide a stronger picture of potential customers. This will further help marketers to target real-time audiences by learning about dummy customers’ profiles and resonating with their interests, requirements, and pain points. These parameters will efficiently advance marketing efforts and help the team create relevant content and services.

    Advertise Right

    Advertising doesn’t have to be investment oriented to be effective. Giant social media platforms such as Facebook and Google offer targeted advertising options at cost-effective rates. On the other hand, ethical advertising is more meaningful than building businesses on the basis of superficial information. Advertising with the right customer intent, providing the right solution, and making it personalized and solution-oriented, is crucial to the evolving digital marketing. Once marketers have identified the specific details about potential audiences, they can target audiences based on demographics, geographical location, interest, and browsing activities.

    Ways to Connect with Potential Customers

    Draft a Good Email (Email Marketing)

    Cold email is an effective way to generate leads and acquire potential customers. Many customers receive spam emails with poorly written blast messages lost which go straight to the junk box! Breaking the norm is essential to stay direct in email conversations to target potential customers.

    Reaching the right customer with a considerate, custom-tailored message ensures successful email targeting.

    Open Survey Forums on Platforms

    Opening survey forums for potential customers and existing ones can be a goldmine for marketers to fetch new customer data, target, and connect with potential customers. Leverage social media platforms to check how and which customers engage with brands’ posts and how posts redirect them to the company website. Observing current consumers participating in surveys provides a clear image of the potential customers and identifies common buyer characteristics and their search activities across the net.

    Surveys many help brands and marketers conduct research and help marketers an opportunity to understand potential customers’ motivations behind making a purchase, how the product or service benefits them, and what needs improvement in the customer buying process.

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    Leverage Influence Marketing

    Influence marketing is effective and rising among brands. Marketers and brands approach influential marketers to create creative marketing efforts to target and connect with potential customers. Influencers have loyal audiences as they always stay aware of how to connect with new customers. They easily boost the conversational aspect of marketing, which, conversely, becomes fruitful for marketers leading to connections with potential customers. Identifying influencers can be a win-win opportunity to work together for brands. Often, it can be advantageous for brands to promote their product or service by giving potential customers free products.

    Top-of-Mind Recall is Crucial for Targeting & Connecting Potential Customers

    Many customers require information on product information from different brands. It depends on how brands create strategies to pursue potential targets and customers. There are multiple ways to do that. However, the essential aspect is that brands must stay top-of-mind when targeting and connecting audiences. Brands must think outside the box, leverage their data sources, and implement the right technology to boost marketing initiatives and engagements.

    Once brands have identified target audiences and have developed tailored ads to connect and engage, the responsibility doesn’t end here. The cardinal rule of advertising is that targeted audiences and customers want to see ads multiple times before remembering them. Connecting with a new audience is a continuous effort. That makes brands and marketers actively implement different strategies to conduct activities to target and are not too redundant. Activities such as emails, blog posts, newsletters, and videos are creative ways to present a consistent message and help brands to stay at the top of their audiences’ and customers’ minds.

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