Three Customer Experience Predictions for 2024

    Three Predictions for Customer Experience in 2022-01

    Delivering excellence in customer experience (CX) is always critical for having that critical edge in the market. Great CX will remain a top goal in 2024’s digital marketing landscape to beat the competition.

    There have been various developments in the tools and technologies available for CX, over 2023. Marketers need to stay abreast of the trends to plan for their CX strategies in 2024.

    Predictions for how CX will work in 2024:

    The Increase of Contact Center as a Service

    The importance of Cloud-based contact center solutions (CCaaS) grew in 2022-23 for providing high-quality customer experiences. It helped brands reduce costs, increase scalability, and enhance security.

    The adoption of voice over IP (VoIP) in cloud networks was one of the reasons businesses were able to gain cost benefits and scaled customer experience.

    However, businesses can embrace CCaaS to boost digital communication channels as they move to the cloud. These include video communication, messaging, voice integration into chatbots, and other virtual assistants.

    Voice technology is still critical to boosting and fostering good customer engagement, eventually impacting customer experiences going forward.

    A well-designed contact center will reduce the complexities of cloud architecture and integrate tools. This way, marketers can gain intelligent insight into the operations.

    With the rise of creating self-service models, CCaaS will be beneficial for brands to find customer information when they need it.

    This can improve customer service workflows, where customers can instantly self-diagnose their queries and solve issues.

    A survey and mobile channels is quickly gaining ground.

    Customers actively use these channels to research products and services or for routine inquiries from their preferred brands.

    A survey Growth of Web Self-Service conducted by Destination CRM states that self-service via the Web and mobile channels is quickly gaining ground. 31% of all customer interactions are conducted through the Web. Meanwhile, 15% of interactions are conducted through mobile applications.

    In fact, 45% of companies offering mobile self-service have reported increased site traffic, resulting in greater customer experience. And 40% of consumers now prefer self-service models over human contact for their efficacy.

    Most interestingly, marketers using a customer relationship management (CRM) system can also be helpful in collaborations regarding customer data. This will be a key factor behind the forecasted growth of contact centers in 2024.

    AI and ML Tools

    Customers appreciate personalized solutions, which is expected to continue in 2024.

    To deliver these solutions, marketers will integrate AI and ML tools into their customer data platforms (CDP). These tools will also help segment customer data to craft personalized marketing solutions.

    This way, they can deliver personalized content at scale through email marketing platforms, chatbots, and social media channels.

    Hiver’s State of Customer Support Report states that 77% of customers choose to email, and 63% use live chat to communicate with brands. So, marketers should identify which channels their customers use, and ensure they prioritize it to boost engagement.

    In 2023 Generative AI, gained prominence as the smartest version of AI. Brands to continue using the tool for various marketing purposes, focusing on increasing CX.

    Integrating this AI tool into various marketing platforms will help deliver data with detailed customer sentiments, buying behavior, pain points, buying patterns, and preferences.

    Combining these rich customer insights with real-time data will allow marketers to create relevant content and customize product packages, marketing messages, and offers that resonate with customers’ interests. This strategy helps faster engagement, improving and increasing customer experience.

    With the continuous advancements of AI tools, the algorithms boost learning and understand patterns of contexts that improve CX.

    However, for this, organizations must use only relevant and precise data, that can create the personalization customers need.

    At the end of the day, this will determine which brands can sustain deep engagement amidst changing customers’ choices.

    Mobile-First Solutions

    In 2024, with increased connectivity speeds and the use of mobile devices, marketers will need to prioritize mobile-first solutions for marketing channels.

    For instance, they will need more responsive websites since many of their customers will access them from their mobile devices.

    According to the report Mobile Marketing Industry Outlook from 2024 to 2034,”The mobile marketing landscape is projected to generate USD 184.5 million in 2024. Mobile marketing market revenue is predicted to reach USD 1,440.9 million by 2034.”

    To understand the criticality of mobile-friendly marketing, here are some statistics from Reteno:

    • About 88% of mobile time is spent on apps.
    • 48% of customers say if a website or app isn’t mobile-friendly, it clearly indicates that the business doesn’t care.
    • About 88% of mobile time is spent on apps.
    • 48% of customers say if a website or app isn’t mobile-friendly, indicating that the business doesn’t care.

    While moving ahead, marketers will need to emphasize website performance. It needs to be faster, more accurate, and good mobile access searchability.

    An increasing number of customers identify their target site by searching on keywords, so this will be the smartest way ahead will be a good App marketing optimization.

    This will include App Store Optimization (ASO) and Voice Search Optimization (VSO). This is proved by  Statista’s report on Mobile search – Statistics & Facts. The report says about 70% of mobile users find new apps via search.

    So ASO and VSO optimization is the way to go in 2024.

    Statista’s Mobile App Downloads Worldwide report from 2021 to 2026 states that consumers will download 143 billion mobile apps by 2026. This is almost 30% up from 111 billion apps downloaded in 2021.

    Conclusion: Better Customer Experience Is the Key to Success in 2024

    In 2024, the role of the CMO will become more critical to build stronger customer experience and interactions.

    CMOs will be responsible for most relevant marketing content deliveries through various channels, using AI to automate and streamline strategies.

    AI will help marketers take serious feedback about brand messaging and use it to develop more action-driven strategies in 2024