Four Ways B2B Marketers Can Combat Ad Frauds

    Four Ways B2B Marketers Can Combat Ad Frauds

    The COVID-19 crisis has increased digital advertising, thereby creating a broader landscape for threat actors.

    Cybercriminals and fraudsters are looking for an opportunity to target increasing digital advertising efforts by marketers. It is crucial to run online advertising with proactive fraud prevention to combat ad frauds.

    Here are four ways B2B marketers can safeguard their digital advertising.

    • Understand all signs of ad fraud

    A Juniper research in 2019 had revealed that advertisers lost $44 million per day to fraudulent traffic in 2018.  Fraudulent activity not only disrupts campaign metrics but also creates ripples in baselines for KPIs, thereby making it difficult to determine what “normal” really is.

    By stopping ad fraud and invalid traffic, marketers have the opportunity to curtail a good amount of investment that would be required to fight these risks.

    • Look out for specific indicators

    Marketers need to recognize if they are witnessing high clicks but low conversions, as it is one of the most apparent signs of ad fraud. In the case of performance advertising, fraudsters steal a conversion with click spam and make it look like they delivered the final click and then collective the incentive for themselves.

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    It is important to recognize an issue as it is the first step to identify a solution that could be ad fraud prevention software or re-evaluating the budget.

    • Unlikely user behaviour

    Identifying unusual patterns within the data could help marketers understand about bad bots or automated-system that are targeting the marketing budget.

    They can also check if there are multiple clicks from the same user at the same time. Getting visits from the same user from different parts of the world on the same day is also another suspicious user behaviour that can be a possible sign of ad fraud.

    It is essential to get visibility on time as it will see help in understanding the true extent of the impacts of ad fraud on the company’s advertising efforts.

    • Taking immediate and effective actions

    To reveal an ad fraud, which comes in many forms, it requires noticing several data points coupled with sophisticated analysis.

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    The economic downturn is already disrupting other marketing efforts; hence, B2B marketers need to be ready with ad fraud detection tools to identify and eliminate threats that destroy their ad budgets. Digital ad fraud detection can help bolster advertising performance. However, it also helps in establishing new as well as more realistic baselines that can guide in ad spending for the future.

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