Three Ways to Improve Content and Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Whether you’re an established business or a fresh newcomer to the ecommerce world, the main mission of your online presence is to drive traffic to your website. This traffic will hopefully lead to engagement, then to sales, so your business can build and profit in the end. However, there are hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your site, and what works for one business may not work for yours– unless its content-based.

Content-generation is the driving force of internet traffic for nearly every business out there. Cultivating engaging, interesting reads for customers and industry partners can be difficult, and even if you’re writing great content, the traffic numbers may not be reflecting that. How can you improve your content and drive more traffic to your site? Check out the few ideas compiled down below, so your brand can increase its traffic effectively.

  1. Target your content topics according to the current and future needs of your audience. This means planning one step ahead of your traffic and reacting quickly to changes in the media, world, or industry that can have an impact on your content foundation. Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, understands that effective content marketing requires you to not only write content but write content that people want to see. Targeting your content topics also gives your brand the opportunity to take a stance on major issues, questions, or new information regarding industry happenings, trends, or world events. Allowing your content to speak for your company strengthens your brand, attracting more leads to your site.
  2. Pay attention to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. When writing content pieces. It’s essential that you’ve done research on relevant keywords for your business, industry, and content theme. Your keywords give you a strategic advantage if they’re optimized for search engines, as your content will show up in search queries more often than those who are not optimizing their content. Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, recognizes the value of search appearances; they drive a significant amount of organic traffic to ecommerce sites all over the internet and this increased organic traffic can result in more leads.
  3. Focus on content quality rather than quantity. Rushing to simply get high volumes of content on the internet can backfire, while also overshadowing your own pieces that may have performed better if not buried underneath low-performing ones. Many brands make the mistake of throwing content out online regularly, but there should be a more strategic approach in place. Every content piece should have an intended effect, whether it’s promoting a certain product, educating followers about the industry, or covering a recent achievement to develop trust with your audience.

Generating online content is one of the biggest tools in modern marketing. Taking advantage of its benefits requires your brand to follow some key guidelines, like those laid out above, in order to reap the traffic benefits you want to see.

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