The Red Flag Group(R) announces IntegraCheck(R) and IntegraWatch(R) are now available on the Salesforce(R) AppExchange

The Red Flag Group(R)

The Red Flag Group®, a global leader in providing data and research to the world’s largest corporations on the health of their customers, partners, suppliers and distributors as it applies to bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, sanctions, ESG and other reputational risks has announced today that two of their most popular research solutions, IntegraCheck® and IntegraWatch®, are now accessible as a plugin to the Salesforce® CRM platform.

Global companies use the IntegraCheck® due diligence products to check the background of companies and people across 30 different risk areas before they do business with them. The IntegraCheck® for Salesforce solution allows any client that uses the Salesforce® platform to seamlessly request and receive due diligence reports inside their Salesforce instance. This app gives clients the ability to quickly request, review, and manage due diligence reports within their CRM allowing for easy reference and for follow-up activity. Coming in August, clients can also track the health of their partners and suppliers with the IntegraWatch® for Salesforce plug-in that screens across 30 different risk areas.

“Today, we’ve made it even easier to engage with our solutions by allowing clients to use their own platforms that they interact with every day to check and validate their relationships with counterparties before doing business with them. Our existing data set and our global research expertise means that we know the companies and people in 180 countries that have had red flags when it comes to reputational, ESG or compliance risks. We know these companies, we track these companies, and we help our clients manage the risks when selecting and working with them as part of their business. The solution being released today brings together the business and operational needs to manage key partners and suppliers allowing them to conduct due diligence and ongoing monitoring and puts all this data in the one place; the clients Salesforce platform,” says Scott Lane, CEO & Chairman of The Red Flag Group®. 

“We are pleased to release these apps to give clients a fully integrated and curated data system that allows them access to highly enriched information about potential clients or key stakeholders so they can make better decisions directly from their CRM,” says Paul Johnson, Director of Product Development at The Red Flag Group®.

The Red Flag Group® continues to provide ways for business leaders to make better decisions when working with key stakeholders. Now that IntegraCheck® and IntegraWatch® are available in the Salesforce AppExchange, getting access to their leading data and research when onboarding new customers, suppliers, and partners has never been easier. The Salesforce AppExchange store reaches over 5 million businesses every day and The Red Flag Group® is excited to make the technology more accessible than ever before.