Reciple unveils pre-launch: an ad-free recipe platform that’s equitable to creators

Reciple unveils pre-launch an ad-free recipe platform that's equitable to creators

Reciple today unveiled the pre-launch of the first ad-free recipe platform that is equitable for creators. Reciple eliminates the frustrations that users normally have with recipe blogs: slow load times, intrusive pop-ups, and content created to hit a specific word count, while also paying creators up to 10x more than traditional ad platforms.

Partnering directly with small creators, Reciple houses small creator-produced recipes in a simplified, streamlined way that is ideal for user experience. Users will be able to access these recipes without advertisements or popups, and formatted in a way that makes them easy to reference while cooking.

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Annie Singer, founder of Reciple says “We all know that recipe blogs are frustrating to cook from, in fact: recipe bloggers are just as frustrated as their readers. I’ve seen a number of companies try to create an ad-free recipe experience, and they all leave out one important factor: the creators.

Creators are not only spending a lot of time and energy to develop and share their recipes, but they are also sharing their culture and history with us, all for very little reward. Reciple is the first platform that directly pays small creators to use their work in an ad-free format, allowing them to focus only on the parts of creating that they love.”

Reciple will begin admitting a limited number of waitlist members to their platform before the end of 2021.

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