Shifting B2B Marketing Focus from Solution Based to Customer Centric Marketing Approach with Personas


As the B2B market landscape evolves, enterprises are reshaping their presales approach to develop customer-centric marketing strategies with personas to excel in any paradigm shift.

Organizations today have to set customer-centric workflows to stand apart from the competition and ensure business scalability. CMOs should consider implementing work processes that operationalize client empathy, democratizes valuable customer insights, ensures quality interactions at multiple touchpoints, and resonate employee culture with client outcome. Many enterprises are reaping the benefits of shifting the B2B marketing focus from being solution-based to customer-centric marketing with personas.

Here are a few strategies to concentrate on customer-centricity with personas:

Keep clients at the core

Irrespective of the importance of customer centricity in business processes, a few enterprises find it challenging to ingrain it in the workflows. CMOs should consider evaluating the total addressable market to determine an ideal client persona that would require a solution or product that the enterprise offers. Defining a customer-centric approach by keeping the clients at the core will help organizations create a collective image of the client base.

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Conduct thorough research of the total addressable market

One of the most crucial aspects of building a B2B customer-centric marketing approach with persona is to conduct thorough research into the target audience. Gather customer data through interviews, interactions with customer-facing teams, client surveys, polls, and feedback forms to get more insights into customer expectations. The more visibility into the customer accounts, the better will be the chances of successfully building customer-centric marketing strategies with personas. Enterprises need to analyze the data of the entire addressable market to analyze the pattern in them. CMOs should consider developing strategies based on the purchase patterns of the prospective customers to interact with them at the right time to increase the conversion rate.

Empathize with customer needs

It is one of the most basic skills that most enterprises tend to overlook, thinking they are dealing with other businesses. Emphasizing client needs will enable enterprises to exactly spot their need and offer a solution that actually fits their business requirements. Solution-based marketing with traditional personas will restrict businesses to a specific audience and result in fewer conversion rates. Customer-centric marketing with ideal customer personas will target the client based on their needs, which will improve the overall experience and higher conversion rates. Businesses find it difficult to instill empathy as a universal value, but setting customer-centric workflows will help to emphasize customer needs.

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Recruit talents with customer orientation skills

Enterprises need to set clear expectations about customer-centric needs right from onboarding and recruitment. Irrespective of the departments, talent acquisition processes should evaluate the talent based on their client orientation skills. B2B collaboration frequently interacts at multiple touch points. It is crucial to set effective interaction protocols and ingrain customer-centricity throughout the workflows to improve the customer lifecycle.

Resources with customer orientation skills will assist in developing customer-centric marketing strategies with personas and evolve them as the customer demands change.

Democratize valuable customer insights

One of the best ways to embrace a client-driven approach is all the resources need to understand the entire business clientele, their needs, and challenges. Other than sensitive customer data, other information related to customer behavior, preferences, and requirements can be shared with the entire workforce to get more clarity into the customer accounts. Many enterprises democratize valuable customer insights to shift the marketing focus from solution based to customer-centric marketing with persona.

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