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Top Marketers Believe Innovation Boosts Brand Growth

Top Marketers Believe Innovation Boosts Brand Growth

Although most of the marketers believe that innovation leads to brand growth, the majority of them can’t follow up for lack of time A new...
Fake Reviews Platforms Are Boosting Trust in Consumers

Fake Reviews Platforms Are Boosting Trust in Consumers

Most consumers are more likely to trust a platform with fake reviews – it may not sound right, but a research study claims so. The...
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Push Customer Retention by Richer Customer Experience: The CMO strategy

Marketing strategies have evolved over the years, with untold variation and new technologies coming in. CMOs are confused regarding their focus on retaining customers...
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B2B Marketers Need To Look Beyond Big Data

B2B marketers should use the power of  Big Data, to derive the best insights from market research, but also use logic, and intuitions for...
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Hyper-Targeted Content – The Changing Phase of B2B Marketplace

It is no secret that engaging content is vital for B2B marketers’ success – they succeed when buyers act upon the content, and not...
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Marketing Automation – Top Solutions to Catalyze Growth for SMBs

In 2020, marketing automation is no more a new or future thing - it is an irreplaceable tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)...
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AdTech and MarTech Converge, creating MadTech

The differentiating line between AdTech and MarTech is thin, and that's where MadTech emerges How to Fuel Your Next Martech Investments The overlap between AdTech and...
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4 Marketing Trends that will Shape Businesses in 2020

In 2020, the marketing and customer experience landscape will benefit from customer attention and loyalty. Must read: Customer experience is evolving with the rise in...

First-Of-Its-Kind, maaiiConnect Spearheads the Next Generation of Customer Support

The digital convergence platform seamlessly integrates crystal-clear voice + video, smart messaging, and customer identity products with back-end systems to mobilise an unrivalled communications...
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Dreamforce 2019: Celebrating Innovation, Partnerships, and Digital Transformation

The Dreamforce 2019 as promised was an exciting event filled with path-breaking innovations, new product launches, and expanded strategic partnerships. The event delivered a...

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