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ARI, AudioEye, Digital Accessibility, SaaS company, ADA, WCAG, digital marketing, automation, AudioEye Managed Service, ARI Network Services, soft-as-a-service, client, lawsuit

ARI Partners With AudioEye for Digital Accessibility

The digital accessibility solutions provider AudioEye, Inc. has recently announced its partnership with ARI Network Services, Inc., a SaaS company. With this collaboration, the company's...
TikTok, social media, e-Commerce, Adobe Premiere Rush, Skillshare, brand partners, branding, virtual gift, Adobe, TikTok app, Small Gestures, collaboration, marketing, TikTok initiative

TikTok Trials e-Commerce Capabilities with ‘Small Gestures’

TikTok has recently announced the launch of its new initiative, 'Small Gestures', the virtual gifting process. The company tries its hands-on e-Commerce by enabling...
Conversion Pipeline, SMBs, Digital Marketing, Marketing Solutions, COVID-19 pandemic, online advertising, digital marketing audit, Harry Brooks, CMO, promotion, advertisement, coronavirus, advertising

Conversion Pipeline Offers Free Digital Marketing Solutions

The digital marketing firm Conversion Pipeline has recently announced that it is offering various digital marketing solutions to help SMBs. It includes free digital...
Bobby Barr Media, online marketing, digital marketing, coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 crisis, brand, journalist, multimedia content, content marketing, marketing services, Halifax, brand journalists

Bobby Barr Media Announces Its New Online Marketing Services

The Halifax based digital marketing agency, Bobby Barr Media, has recently announced the launch of its updated range of online marketing services. This is...
Decision Inc., Customer Engagement, technology services, marketing services, customer experiences, CX, customer demand, personalization, sales, marketing, retention rate, personalized service, tools

Decision Inc. Rolls out Its Customer Engagement Solution

The technology services company Decision Inc. has recently announced the launch of its Customer Engagement feature. It will allow the company to provide its...
Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Messenger, coronavirus outbreak, pandemic, Stan Chudnovsky, video chats, Messenger Rooms, videoconferencing, COVID-19, social media giant, mobile, desktop

Facebook Launches Its Videoconferencing Tool, Messenger Rooms

Facebook has recently announced that it has launched Messenger Rooms, its new videoconferencing tool. The social media giant also reported about expanding its live-streaming...
Folloze, Etai Beck, B2B marketing, COVID-19 crisis, coronavirus, marketing platform, B2B, ABM, digital marketing, personalization, revenue, workshops, virtual event

Folloze Rolls Out COVID-19 Initiative to Support Businesses

The personalized B2B marketing platform has recently announced its new initiative to support businesses and customers amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 Crisis Leading B2B...
RollWorks, ABM, ABM data, target audience, B2B organization, account-based management, B2B prospects, investment, lead generation, lead-based approach

RollWorks Launches ABM Packages for B2B Companies

The ABM solutions company RollWorks has recently announced the launch of its four new account-based management (ABM) service packages. They are designed to aid B2B...
Conversocial, customer experience, Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, CX, AI, automation, robot, Omnichannel Platform, artificial intelligence, customer journey

Conversocial Announces Its New Omnichannel Platform for Customer Engagement

The conversational customer experience provider Conversocial has recently announced the launch of its new platform and pricing solutions. It is a combined Messaging Suite...
daVinci Payments, SaaS, customer engagement, Brand Accelerator, virtual payments, Software-as-a-Service, Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, marketing technology

daVinci Payments Rolls Out Brand Accelerator

The virtual and physical payments provider, DaVinci Payments, has recently announced the launch of Brand Accelerator, its customer engagement solution. It is a SaaS...

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