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ABM Gives Higher ROI for B2B Marketing

A study recently released by TOPO says that Account-based marketing (ABM) improves metrics on all fronts, but will now require a new set of...

New Survey Finds Cable Cord-Cutting Is Popular Across the US

There is a clear acceleration of the trend where all TV program services could be delivered over the Net. Marketers need to be updated...

Eye-Opening YouTube Stats and Facts (2nd Most-Visited Site)

According to Alexa rankings, YouTube is the second most-visited site in the world, only behind Google. Interesting fact: Google owns the platform! Some interesting current...

New Analytics Tools for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is launching three new analytics tools powered by Datorama, the brand technology it acquired six months ago. The Datorama Marketing Cloud connectors....
CDP Optimove

CDP Optimove Adds the Ability to Test Campaign Strategies

Its new Streams feature allows automated optimized testing of the incremental effect of one series of multi-channel campaigns against another As customer data platforms...

3 Ways Chatbots Are Transforming Your Customer Conversations

Automation of the research and discovery processes using chatbots is now empowering customers with a real-time, on-demand, personalized experience. Chat and messenger apps are becoming...
Google Chrome

Google Chrome Planning API Changes That May Disable Ad Blockers

Claims the changes are about page speed, security, and user privacy; critics don’t buy it Google is inducing changes to Chromium, the software behind the...

2019: The Year of Digital Personalisation, Customer-Centricity, Consent, and Collaboration

Creativity and technology are a lethal combination. The marketing industry is the best ground for these two to play together. There are technologies like...
B2B Digital Transformation

B2B Digital Transformation More Focused On Customer Experience in 2019

A new report indicates more companies are now focusing on boosting customer experience to drive sales. Digital transformation is now a matter of better CX,...

Have We Even Embarked On Our Marketing Measurement Journey?

Despite years of planning, the hard fact is that our digital marketing impact measurement journey is going nowhere, in fact, it hasn't even started...

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