Cloud Computing Helps Vipdesk Connect Provide Better Service


Customer service company, VIPdesk Connect provides a better service to its clients by switching to Bright Pattern for their cloud-based connect software in 2017

VIPdesk Connect, an outsourced customer service company,  realized in 2017 that they wanted a platform that was completely cloud-based since its employees and offices were all decentralized. The firm that provides customer care services to brand-conscious companies, including premium retailers; luxury travel, consumer products, and financial services companies, found their solution with Bright Pattern. And since then, their VP of technology, Jeff Kramp, maintains that they haven’t faced any outages.

VIPdesk Connect hand selects dedicated teams of Brand Ambassadors and arms them with the resources needed to reduce the “friction” of traditional customer service channels

VIPdesk Connect’s challenges

VIPdesk Connect spent a lot of resources in developing Brand Ambassadors, but it lacked the tools needed to align them fully with their clients’ expectations. They wanted a platform that was completely cloud-based since its employees and offices are all geographically distanced.

The company also wanted to move from multichannel to omnichannel offerings. They believed this would help them to reduce barriers as also allow them to leverage emerging channels. They wanted to also increase agent empowerment through an easy-to-use, unified Agent Desktop. To ensure the best in class customer service and connect, they also required an insight-driven solution with fast onboarding process and dedicated customer success team.  VIPdesk Connect also needed a partner that had a transparent pricing model.

Bright Pattern’s Cloud Contact Center Solution

We don’t have outages anymore…a lot of our challenges were gone when we moved to Bright Pattern. —
Jeff Kramp, VP of Technology, VIPdesk Connect

Since VIPdesk Connect was already using a Bright Pattern software solution which they acquired through earlier channels, it was convenient to switch. Through   the earlier vendor, VIPdesk Connect had  existing solutions, but they were limited by  less updates and faced complicated pricing systems. By onboarding Bright Pattern’s solution directly, VIPdesk Connect got the latest  cloud-based solution with a simplified pricing model.

Since VIPdesk Connect was familiar with the Bright Pattern Model, they took migration in their hands and completed the switch in one week. Owing to the switch, VIPdesk Connect can now provide a cloud-based solution with a simplified agent experience over traditional channels including voice, chat, and email, as well as emerging channels, like SMS/text, bots, video, in-app, and social messengers.

VIPdesk Connect now also can scale at a moment’s notice without having to deal with telecom challenges and network issues.