To ramp up their investments in customer experience and personalized services, brands are prioritizing personalization

A report of “2019 Digital Trends” from Econsultancy and Adobe, who surveyed about 13,000 marketing, advertising, e-commerce, creative, and IT professionals worldwide, has studied the focus points for marketing strategies globally

In 2018, brands were continuing to increase their investments in personalization. 50% of the respondents said they are planning to invest in improving the customer experience this year.   For example, the use of Artificial Intelligence is rising, with 36% of brands now using AI to draw more value from their data and enhance the customer experience -a 50% jump from last year.

Indeed, 28% of marketers admitted they are concerned about their ability to personalize customer experiences without violating consumer privacy. Globally, 89% of respondents agreed data protection laws such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had had a positive impact on their businesses, but they also appreciate the need for more control over how they collect, manage, and share consumer data.

“Consumers can enjoy great benefits from sharing data with us, but it’s our responsibility to make sure there’s value in that exchange,” said Jennifer LaFrance, director of global digital strategy at McCormick & Co., which has made data protection a primary focus. The Fortune 1000 food manufacturer has established a global privacy counsel and is developing a set of consumer engagement principles, similar to a “consumer bill of rights.”

“Smart devices and AI will pervade every aspect of our lives, offering brands new ways to engage with audience but also making data management an even more complex beast,” Jennifer LaFrance said. “Encouragingly, companies are taking data into their hands and readying themselves to rise to the challenge.”