Zoom Clarifies Its AI Data Collection Practices After New Service Terms Are Scrutinized.

Zoom clarifies its AI data collection practices after new service terms are scrutinized.

According to Zoom Video Communications Inc., it does not use users’ video, audio, or chat messages to train artificial intelligence models unless given permission to do so. The clarification was made in response to media stories about the company’s terms of service changing recently.

The modification, which became effective in March, allowed Zoom to use specific data for AI training without first getting users’ consent. The video, audio, or chat messages from videoconferences are not included in that data. Zoom is permitted to include so-called “Service Generated Data” in its AI models under the relevant section of its terms of service.

Chief product officer of the company Smita Hashim stated in a blog post today that this Service Generated Data consists of “telemetry, diagnostic data, etc.” In order to inform their efforts at product development, many tech companies gather this data.

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