Xenon Arc Rolls Out directibility™ to Help SMBs

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Xenon Arc Rolls Out directibility™ to Help SMBs

The data-driven marketing and sales firm, Xenon arc, has recently announced the launch of directibility™, its e-Commerce platform. It is an integrated research and ordering portal that will help businesses to save time, increase speed, and provide access in real-time. The platform is primarily aimed for the small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) for the materials sector.

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directibility™  is the latest addition to Xenon arc’s disruptive business model, Xa-DIRECT – which will help in personalizing the online customer experience (CX). It has been created to augment the Xa-DIRECT commercial teams in order to provide a holistic solution to clients.

Source: https://www.martechcube.com/xenon-arc-launches-directibility-online-commerce-platform/

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