Warren campaign challenged Facebook ad policy for the ‘false’ Zuckerberg advertisement

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, during the Democratic presidential campaign, questioned Facebook’s policy exempting politicians’ ads from fact-checking running them on the social media platforms containing the false claim about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorsing President Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

Facebook changed the ads policy allowing politicians to run ads with obvious lies, explicitly turning the platform into a disinformation-for-profit machine. Warren confirmed intentionally making a Facebook ad with false claims.

Facebook’s policy has come under fire from Former Vice President Joe Biden, who blasted Facebook for refusing to take down the Trump campaign ad, which was claimed to contain false allegations.

Facebook said that claims made in the politicians’ ads were considered their direct speech and therefore was ineligible for the third-party fact-checking program. Both YouTube and Twitter claimed that the Trump campaign ad did not violate their privacy policies.

Facebook said that the Federal Communications Commission does not demand broadcast companies to censor candidates’ speech confirming that the social media company agreed with FCC’s view on the subject. Warren reiterated that Facebook should hold itself to standards outlined in the company’s policy.

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