Viz Media Integrates with Whip Media’s Platform to Drive Growth

Viz-Media-Integrates-with Whip-Media’s-Platform-to-Drive-Growth
Viz-Media-Integrates-with Whip-Media’s-Platform-to-Drive-Growth

Whip Media, the enterprise software platform and data provider, has announced that VIZ Media, a producer of manga and anime distributor, will utilize Whip Media’s platform for real-time performance data on digital content.

The San Francisco-based company said that in order to keep up with the high volume of reporting from its partners, VIZ needed a solution that would enable content performance tracking for better distribution analytics. The solution from Whip Media centralizes and consolidates distributor partner data across international platforms while automating accounting procedures to handle and account for revenue.

According to Viz Media, the company’s collaboration with Whip Media enables it to deepen its understanding of how the content interacts with viewers across various platforms and integrate performance tracking in real-time.

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