Verified Market Research Announces the Launch of VM Intelligence

Verified Market Research Announces the Launch of VM Intelligence-01

Verified Market Research launches Verified Market Intelligence (VMI) – a new digital solution that enables decision makers to access and evaluate data using interactive dashboards and best-of-breed business intelligence software.

VMI, which serves as an all-in-one market research command center, allows consumers to quickly combine data from different sources into a single intuitive data visualization, saving time and money by providing real-time reporting.

Amaan Kazi, Chief Executive Officer at Verified Market Research, says, “The VMI dashboard is the most intelligent, advanced, and user-centric tool on the market. Whether you’re an individual researcher or a Fortune 500 decisionmaker, these tools will revolutionize the way you access and analyze market insights, and allow you to unlock the full power of your data. Whatever the complexities of your business, Verified Market Research has got you covered.”

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