Top Marketers’ Priorities for 2020

Marketers’ Priorities for 2020, 2020, Marketing Week, Remote collaboration,
Top Marketers’ Priorities for 2020

From the beginning of the year, marketers look for trends to influence their markets. According to Marketing Week, the top 100 effective marketers shared their views and gave various opinions on which consumers and the market trends will set its agenda.

One of the most important trends is remote collaboration, as it has resulted as a transformative influence, and marketers and agencies do not need to be in the same place. Similarly, consumer data privacy will bring value to organizations.

According to another marketer, making personalization is the key to try and get through the customers, because being personal is premium! Besides, some marketers feel the voice is a crucial aspect. Unlocking its potential is “more human”, and it would go a long way. The more businesses can interact and connect with people; it would bring significant opportunities for them.