Tombras to Become the First Cookieless Ad Agency with Dstillery’s ID-free Targeting Technology


Dstillery’s privacy-safe ID-free technology outperformed cookie-based targeting in a recent ad campaign for one of Tombras‘ large retail brands.

The campaign achieved 7.6x more impressions and 2.5x more conversions per dollar, helping Tombras to transition to cookieless advertising and solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

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AI in programmatic advertising can potentially exceed the performance and scale of cookies without compromising user privacy, setting a new standard for digital ad targeting.

ID-free will use AI to predict the value of an impression to a brand. It will analyze browsing patterns in opt-in panel data to learn and improve its predictions, resulting in more effective and efficient targeting of high-value audiences for brands.

With ID-free, brands can enjoy precise targeting without compromising on user privacy.

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