TikTok Introduces Free SMB Marketing Education Series


TikTok is launching a new initiative to help small businesses learn the key tips and tricks to maximising their success on the platform. The brand-new, free education programme, called “Follow Me,” will offer a variety of professional pointers and insights to help users better their TikTok marketing strategy.

The six-week, email-based series will include an overview of important best practise notes, explainers on TikTok’s Ads Manager and other marketing capabilities, and instructions on how to create a free Business Account and use the Creative Center for content inspiration.

Insights from TikTok’s Small Business Ambassadors, such as Cassie Sorenson, Tassel Amor, and Jacob Zander, who will share their SMB journeys in the app, will also be included in the course.

Read More: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/tiktok-launches-free-marketing-education-series-for-smbs/626897/