Marketers have more control over email optimization and deliverability as a few tweaks to the processes could make all the difference to the efficacy of the mail. Between working alongside partners at the email service provider (ESP) and a bit of education on deliverability, teams can take control of your email marketing. Implementing a pre-flight checklist is one of the most important things marketers can do before sending an email campaign. Getting emails delivered to the inbox is just as important as what recipients do with those emails. Emails that go unopened or deleted have a negative impact on sender reputation. List management is one of the most important factors that can keep out from reaching the inbox.

While there are no quick fixes to deliverability issues, proactively testing email campaigns for deliverability-specific metrics — including delivery rates, bounce rates, and spam complaints —helps identify gaps in email processes and areas that need improvement. Monitoring engagement rates provide valuable insights into how well the content is performing with the subscribers.

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