Terminus, announced its strategic acquisition of Sigstr to power the future of B2B Marketing. This acquisition connects two advanced technology hubs from Atlanta and Indianapolis. It will establish an end-to-end account-centric marketing platform with complete account intelligence. Terminus is expecting to bring in the full-funnel ABM solution to the market.

Voice-Based AI Will Help In Driving an Omni Channel Customer Approach

The employees of Sigstr will join Terminus executive to position the business drive sustainable growth. Sigstr will be a discrete brand under the Terminus umbrella.

Tim Kopp, Terminus CEO, said, “Combining the Sigstr solution with our platform is another strategic step in helping our customers drive account-based transformation and put ABM to work across their entire revenue funnel.”

Personalization in Marketing – The 2019 Way

Source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191217005509/en/