Taboola, in Partnership with IAS, adopts a pre-bid brand safety technology

Taboola_ in Partnership with IAS_ adopts a pre-bid brand safety technology

The native advertising and content discovery platform, Taboola, recently announced a partnership with IAS (Integral Ad Science) to deploy its effective brand safety technology along with Taboola’s effective discovery platform.

Taboola’s discovery capabilities allow publishers to place relevant content out to the monthly audience of 1.4 billion users, with an in-built ad offering which monetizes the audience. IAS offers ad quality and anti-fraud solutions, and in this partnership, they plan to deliver pre-bid brand safety controls across the Taboola platform.

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Blocking ads from unreliable and unsafe pages is the main concern. IAS scores pages across a range of suitability parameters and effectively block brand ads coming from unsafe pages defined by the brand’s own risk threshold.

Source: Martechtoday