Stadiumred Group Includes Mediakix to Its Agency Collective

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Stadiumred Group Includes Mediakix to Its Agency Collective

Stadiumred Group has recently included Mediakix, an influencer marketing agency in its growing agency collective. It is the company’s fifth acquisition in two years, and it plans to acquire more companies as per the client’s needs by 2020. With this acquisition, it brings Stadiumred Group the expertise of influencer marketing to expand its network.

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Claude Zdanow, Founder and CEO at Stadiumred Group, said, “This acquisition allows our clients to tap into Mediakix’s extensive industry knowledge and in-depth research to create the most impactful digital and social media campaigns…Mediakix is the best influencer marketing agency out there, and adding them to our collection of specialty agencies was the ideal next step in our ongoing expansion.”


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