SodaStream is taking a jump into artificial intelligence (AI) as it focuses on changing how it goes to market in the future. Complexica will provide SodaStream staff with capabilities for dynamic guided-selling, route optimization, call planning, CRM, and order processing technology, through the deployment of its Touchless CRM, Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP), and Order Management System (OMS), which are powered by Complexica’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

This AI solution is being rolled out for multiplying the sales opportunity management initially, and it is hoped that this project will become more prominent in scope to include above and below the line activities in the future. SodaStream’s products are distributed across a broad set of outlets that operate under different business models, ranging from retailers to small convenience stores. This will influence range, share-of-shelf, and stock holdings at the store level, and also adds on to the complexity of retail execution and field sales models. This partnership will help to automatically predict the ‘next best stores’ to visit at any given time, provide each rep with the ‘next best conversations’ for all stores, and dynamically optimize individual call plans.

While Complexica is more on the selling part, around opportunity management, for now, on the marketing side SodaStream uses a mix modeling approach through Mindshare providing line marketing.

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