Snapchat Plans to Introduce Popular Music Clips in the Snaps

Snapchat Music Clips

Snapchat is currently working on its new feature to share music/ audio clips within the Snaps. This initiative could be seen as another nod with the rising popularity of TikTok – however, there would be some variances in the app.

The option will allow users to add music into their snaps, after or before capturing. This could facilitate the lip-synching, dance clips, etc. that had been popularized by TikTok. Simply put, this initiative is (probably) inspired by the Chinese short-video app.

Besides, Snapchat was negotiating with different music publishers over the past 12 months on deals to enable music sharing within Snaps. This deal is catering to make the plan possible. Snapchat already has a music sticker option that is linked to Spotify.

Source: Socialmediatoday