Snapchat Launches its First ‘Local Lens’ Collaborative Augmented Reality Experience

Snapchat Launches its First __39

After announcing its upcoming ‘Local Lenses’ at its Partner Summit in June, Snapchat’s first activation of such type is now live, with Snap’s latest ‘City Painter’ collaborative AR project.

Local Lenses essentially allows users to interact, having an AR overlay of a real-world location. One can virtually paint whatever they desire to, over the shops and streets, and the contribution will then be visible to all Snapchat users who visit the site.

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This process predominantly expands Snapchat’s ‘Landmarkers’ AR option to empower users to apply Lenses, which can interact with global landmarks, like Buckingham Palace or The Eiffel Tower.

Local Lenses apply a similar approach, but on a broader scale, mapping the entire streets in the AR and creating an evolving, persistent digital re-creation of the space.

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