Shifts in Advertising Are Creating Up a Golden Age for Local Marketers

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Local marketing has its inherent challenges. However, as more budgets move to giant digital publishers like Google, Facebook, Amazon, the immense reach and streamlined workflow of these platforms are bringing unprecedented power and efficiency to local advertisers.

Recent trends in advertising and consumer behavior have shaken up most of the industry, but they are lining up nicely for local marketers. Traditionally, local marketers face four significant challenges:

  • Scale
  • Full-funnel capabilities
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign optimization

However, over the last few years, as more and more media dollars have been moving to a handful of the Internet’s biggest companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others, the opportunity for local marketers has grown tremendously. This shortlist of publishers has the reach, targeting, and data features to make them extremely useful for multiple objectives in the local marketing plan.

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