Salesforce Adds Lightning Order Management for Seamless Order Processing


Up until now, Salesforce lacked an integration layer that would allow its customers to get an integrated seamless view to all functionalities – involving tools across sales, service and marketing categories.

“This is a new product built from the ground up on the Salesforce Lightning Platform to allow our customers to fulfill, manage and service their orders at scale,” Luke Ball, VP of product management at Salesforce told TechCrunch.

Order management is key to a successful marketing process but is often not given enough importance in the line. Investments are often made in advertising, marketing, and even after-sales services.  But the delivery experience has to be given equal importance. In most cases, the challenge is that order management involves a number of different systems along with internal and external stakeholders. There are legacy technologies involved as well, in some cases and getting all stakeholders together, alongside this outdated tech, is a tall order.

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