SaaS firm FMG Suite Rolls out MarketingCentral for Cetera Financial Group

FMG Suite

SaaS firm FMG Suite has launched MarketingCentral by Cetera. FMG Suite specializes in marketing software and services for financial advisors and insurance agents. MarketingCentral helps advisors grow their practices, retain customers, and attract new business by adopting a technology-first approach to marketing. 

Cetera advisors will have direct access to an extensive library of high-quality FINRA-reviewed articles, videos, infographics, quizzes, presentations, and more spanning a range of financial topics. MarketingCentral will also include event marketing tools. FMG Suite plans to include new functionality for advisors, including a new compliant SMS texting channel, pay-per-click advertising, additional content libraries, SEO support, and AI-curated news service in 2020.