ringDNA Acquires Accelerate To Empower Global Sales Professionals

ringDNA Acquires Accelerate To Empower Global Sales Professionals

The revenue acceleration platform, ringDNA, has recently announced that it has acquired Accelerate, a sales podcast company. With this acquisition, the companies teamed up to educate and empower the sales team globally. The AI-powered platform of ringDNA will provide sales professionals with information to improve conversations and other skills to achieve improved business outcomes.”

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Andy Paul, Founder of Accelerate, mentioned in a statement, “In my four decades of experience in sales, I have learned the value of empowering salespeople by sharing stories and insights that help them become great conversationalists and great sellers… ringDNA, who have shown the same passion I have for empowering salespeople, to expand on the conversations in my podcast and deliver even more of the powerful insights that have helped my audience.”

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ringdna-acquires-andy-pauls-popular-140000112.html

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