Real-Time Insight and Real-Time Action in SEO: Automation Bridging the Gap

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The SEO community is on the cusp of a massive shift, one that is already changing the way search is approached. As automation has enabled industrialists to glean more insights from search, the channel has outgrown its position as an end-game marketing tool to assist consumers in discovering services and products.

It is the most direct way, outside of customer service interactions and sales transactions, that customers communicate with the brands with which they choose an associate. Search’s weighting at a budget time may not reflect its oversized impact, but it’s essential in digital operations.

Email, digital ads, social – nowhere else are consumers as in control of their journey and experience as they are in Search, and customers already know that. Says the RedPoint Global survey, which was conducted by The Harris Poll on more than 3,000 consumers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, 63% of consumers say that they expect personalization as a standard of service. Marketers have to recognize this need.

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