Quality Videos And Eye-Catching Infographics Can Be Worth Their Weight In Gold: Ismael El-Qudsi

infographics, Ismael El-Qudsi

Marketing professionals from across the industry gathered at the Digital Marketing World Forum and this year there were two topics that professionals of all levels continue to look for guidance on influencer and social media marketing.

Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO of SocialPubli — a business dedicated to connecting brands with influencers — shared his perspective on the disruption currently shaking the traditional influencer space, as well as what marketers can expect in the coming years, during his panel, “#WeAreALLInfluencers: The Power of Micro-Influencers.”

He noted that although micro-influencers’ reach tends to be much smaller than that of their macro-influencer counterparts, marketers shouldn’t neglect the smaller, niche audiences that these social media mavericks have access to. When a micro-influencer boosts your content, chances are that, although a smaller audience will see it, they’re likely to be highly engaged. And influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C companies, he noted. “We have a couple of B2B cases, especially on LinkedIn,” El-Qudsi said. “LinkedIn and Twitter are perfect for B2B, especially telcos. [These platforms are] getting a lot of exposure, but not everyone is using LinkedIn.” Quality videos and eye-catching infographics can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping a brand tell its story, he said.

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