Prepare for these 5 ways your IoT Security will be hit by 5G mobile networks

IoT Security, 5G mobile networks, DDoS attacks, Edge computing

IoT will be impacted severely, and each issue felt as a challenge will be greatly magnified in a 5G environment. IT teams need to ensure they protect themselves before the adoption of 5G.

The super-fast 5G mobile network speed comes with significant security risks. Some of the ways companies need to be prepared are by encrypting and protecting 5G network traffic, Securing and isolating vulnerable devices, Prepare for bigger DDoS attacks, Moving to IPv6 might make private internet addresses public, being on guard while using Edge computing since it increases the attack surface. Also, as New IoT vendors focus on first to market, their focus is not usually on security. The best way here is to ensure that IoT security is taken seriously enough, for ownership to be defined.