Next Opts For Targeting Over Mass Reach To Boost Sales


Over the past 12 months, Next has increased its international customer base by 21%, with more than 80% of that growth in countries where it is actively marketing. Next also attributes 35% of its overseas growth to its “successful and profitable” investment in digital marketing, which is generating £2.05 in incremental orders for every £1 spent.

“Brand awareness isn’t something we spend a lot of time worrying about. We worry about sales and numbers of customers we recruit because in the UK brand awareness is so high,” Next CEO Simon Wolfson told Marketing Week at a press event this morning (19 September).

Next plans to increase its overseas digital marketing investment by £4.4m to £11.2m in 2020, with spend split across display, search and social. Meanwhile, investment in non-digital marketing is set to fall from £2.7m in 2018 to just £700,000 in 2020.

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