Moz Announces the New Version of Its Mozscape API

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Moz Announces the New Version of Its Mozscape API

The marketing software and SEO technology company, Moz, Inc. has recently announced the launch of its second version of Mozscape API. It is also known as Moz Links API. SEOs today are using Mozscape for crucial insights, domain tracking, and opportunities on URL.

Marketing Automation- A Critical Tool for B2B Marketers

The new update will help SEOs experts and software developers with streamlined request access, performance, and new in-demand metrics. Sara Bird, CEO at Moz, Inc mentioned in a statement, “Moz is committed to ensuring data users need to make decisions is relevant, high-quality and actionable. The updates to Mozscape are a direct result of ideas and requests of thousands of SEOs who use Moz to make it the best tool for digital marketers today.”


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