Mistrust of Deepfakes Go beyond AI Synthesized Media

Deepfakes, AI Synthesized Media, political, enterprise, media space, cultural and geopolitical understanding

Deepfakes are taking up a large amount of media space, both in political as well as enterprise situations. While there are not really any proof that deepfakes can influence any political decision, the fact that they have been suspected makes them powerful enough in the media space. The point is the ease with which technology can manipulate thoughts, to make unreal appear real. That is a scary thought and could lead to a snowballing of suspicions- for documents as well as media.

There has been a focus on tools that expose deepfakes- through technology or data. Innovative new startup companies are putting their tech-might to do this, but unless checks are integrated directly into media tech brand products, it will be an uphill task to cut back on them. In addition, human moderators with higher EQ than an AI tool- could help, with their contextual understanding of cultural and geopolitical understanding.

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