Mirriad and Insight TV Announce Strategic Partnership

Mirriad and Insight TV Announce Strategic Partnership

Mirriad has announced a strategic partnership with Insight TV, a global broadcaster known for captivating content and engaging CTV audiences. The partnership aims to innovate within Insight TV’s portfolio, focusing on FAST channels.

Key highlights include exploring innovative ad formats, programmatic and audience targeting, and a comprehensive research initiative. Insight TV aims to improve the ad experience for viewers by using Mirriad’s expertise in virtual product placement. The collaboration will initially focus on Insight TV shows, addressable delivery, ad format extensions, and research to demonstrate effectiveness.

Mirriad creates new revenue opportunities for content owners and operates in the US, Europe, and India. Insight TV is the leading Millennial and Gen-Z global broadcaster, available on over 179 platforms across 56 countries in 12 languages.

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