Mindsay Offers Free Access to Its Chatbot for Improving Customer Support

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Mindsay Offers Free Access to Its Chatbot for Improving Customer Support-01

The customer experience automation (CXA) firm Mindsay, has recently announced three-months free access to its customer support bots. This is to provide enhanced customer support and reduce costs by answering customers’ Coronavirus related-request.

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With the COVID-19 crisis, the shape of the marketplace has changed dramatically. Hence, airlines, online travel, and hospitality companies need support to answers questions about their operations to worried customers. Guillaume Laporte, Co-Founder, and CEO at Mindsay said, “We’re in an unprecedented crisis, and businesses cannot operate how they did just weeks before. Customers need answers to their questions, but companies may not have the staff to handle the increase in volume…To help, our bot can resolve a large number of these requests by handling conversations.”

Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/news/machine-learning-ai/mindsay-provides-free-access-to-its-chatbot-to-enhance-customer-support-during-covid19/

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