McAfee Launches New US Brand Campaign, “McAfee is like”

McAfee is like

McAfee is launching a new marketing campaign to showcase how their technology can provide online safety and confidence to consumers. The campaign addresses online privacy and security concerns and will be launched across various media channels.

The campaign “McAfee is like” concept is based on the fact where McAfee+ is like using a lie detector on incoming text messages. It’s private detective feature reads personal info from the sites, and turns invisible hackers to escape on public Wi-Fi to simplify online protection.

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The integrated campaign involves multiple agencies, including Anomaly, Aircastle, Collier Simon, and Camelot. It will include ad spots ranging from 6 to 30 seconds, display, and high-impact creative. It will broadcast across various platforms such as CTV, OLV, digital, social media, podcasts, and influencer channels.

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