Maximize Account-Based Marketing with a Multipronged Approach


Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from ABM; B2B companies personalize marketing to individual business accounts while B2C companies personalize marketing to individual households. When done correctly, ABM is almost always beneficial. Research shows that 97% of those using ABM believe it drives higher ROI than any other marketing technique. ABM can also be a golden opportunity to synchronize the efforts of your sales and marketing teams.

It’s becoming clear that companies utilizing ABM will outperform those that aren’t, and those that effectively utilize ABM will outlast those that take an incomplete approach. Some strategies that can help almost any business cultivate and profit from an engagement-driving ABM model includes:

Streamlining data exchange between sales and marketing departments, remembering the value of air cover, identifying the point of contact(s), and taking a targeted multichannel approach.

All of this boils down to the fact that modern technology is a huge asset to the marketing efforts of today’s B2C and (especially) B2B companies. But technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Data is useful only to the degree that it facilitates a meaningful conversation between buyer and seller. People are always going to want human experience. True ABM uses data to enhance human interaction, not to replace it.

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