Digital marketers in lead generation have a high reliance on call tracking software. While marketers utilize digital platforms to generate high volumes of traffic to reach prospects, there remains a critical need to measure and track the inbound call leads that they create.

Digital channels are driving almost 92% of calls to businesses often as the result of “click to call” interactive options and mobile searches. In order to get attribution for these calls to learn which campaigns are driving them, marketers need to utilize different call tracking software. This helps them answer the question: “What is driving my inbound calls?”

This software indicates the attribution of these call leads—tracing them back to social media ads, PPC ads, content marketing that directs traffic to the company website. Consulting firm BIA Advisory Services and Noted data analysis was recently commissioned by Phonexa to compile and release a Call Tracking Software Competitive Intelligence Report to assist marketers in zooming into the right call tracking solutions.

Lead Generation and Digital Marketing professionals are rarely able to stick to a single marketing channel. Marketers need to make informed decisions regarding which call tracking software solution will add the most value to their business.

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