In a culture of “personal branding,” technology is constantly evolving, making it easy to communicate thoughts globally at a click. The Edison Research shows an estimated 15 million Facebook users in the U.S compared to 2017. The most significant drop is in the target age group of 12- to 34-years. This drop is mainly evident due to the over-sharing of information across the platform. This has caused the disconnection of people from each other.

Businesses focused on detailing every feature of their product without considering how they can affect the psychology of their customers leads to the death of mystery and interest of the viewer to read the content on the website or elsewhere.

Marketers need to help customers put the solution in the context of their own lives, and let imagination do the rest of need generation. Stir your reader’s imagination rather than focusing your content around product details. It is essential to give customers more credit for their own creativity.

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